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Polish Goodies
 8903 N. 7th Street, Phoenix Az 85020
CALL TO ORDER: 602-617-4095

About Polish Goodies

  Polish Goodies is family-owned and operated small business. We have started it in November, 2011 selling our very delicious food at Arizona Farmers Markets. 

 The demands  for our products were big enough so we decided to open our own kitchen and little deli to welcome every customer for daily lunch or take out home dinner.

  Our new place is located in Phoenix on 8903 N 7th Street. Entrance from Townley St.
                                                WINTER  HOURS
We are open:   

            Tuesday - Friday  from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
            Saturday  -             from 10.00 am  to 4.00 pm
            Sunday     -              from 10.00 am to  3.00 pm           
            Monday                               Closed

  Homemade and handmade pierogies  made daily. Cooked fresh or frozen. 
Pierogies sprinkled with fried bacon and onions or butter and sour cream, excellent dish for lunch and dinner. 
  Our new kitchen where all our food is prepared and cooked for you to enjoy.
  The little dinning area can easy fit 8 people at one sitting. Please come and enjoy healthy and very tasty food.
Pierogies, stuffed cabbage rolls, polish sausage, homemade sauerkraut, sweet cabbage with sausage in tomato sauce. There is plenty to choose from.
We are working to expend our menu in a nearest future.
 Making Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
Delicious potato pancakes
 made as order from the scratch
served with goulash or apple sauce and 
sour cream